This is a message to all our clients/friends

Hope you and your loved ones are safe from the virus.

I thought I would give an update of our work in view of the COVID-19 situation.

We have been offering a restrictive service, no face to face meetings Monday to Thursday 10 am to 1 pm – 2 pm to 4 pm. Zahida and I have been holding the fort, dealing with urgent deadlines for applications, appeals and enquiries from clients. At the time of dictating this blog, the Home Office have not made any changes to immigration rules/policies in relation to applicants who will not be able to meet financial requirements of the immigration rules/ submit English tests and Life in the UK certificates because all the tests centre’s  are closed or because they have been laid off/lost their jobs.  So, this is going be a recurring problem for our clients.  We will need to continue to fight for their right to remain in the UK and if they do not meet the financial requirement of an immigration rule when they  will get a  lesser status and a  longer period to settlement so  it will cost them more money in application fees and lawyer’s fees. We are hoping that the Home Office come out with something sensible to avoid this situation.

We have ensured that we have protected all our clients who want to make further leave to remain applications and where the applications have been refused, submitting notice of appeals.

As lockdown measures are being slightly relaxed, we are now contemplating return of other members of staff from July who are able to return to work and we are considering what service we can continue our clients as we expect the business to be quiet  for some months as many of our clients may have lost their jobs and be in financial difficulties.

We will keep you posted of our service.

Stay safe.

Mr Manjit Singh

Managing Director

One Immigration Ltd

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