Thank you, very, very much for all your hard work, support, help and advice. You are the best lawyer in the world. You are very kind and good hearted person. I wish you lots of happiness and best wishes. Lots of love Xxx. God Bless you
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What do the Team think?

I have worked with the team of One Immigration Limited for four years now.  I say worked with the team rather than have been employed by One Immigration Limited because that is exactly how we all feel.  We are a very close knit group of people who work together to achieve the best results for our clients.

I have worked for many companies over the last twenty years but the unique friendly atmosphere of One Immigration Limited make it a special place to work.  I believe our collective team spirit is obvious to our clients and makes them believe in our ability to handle their cases with the utmost professionalism to bring about the results they desire.  I believe the loyalty to each other practised by all members of staff, which permeates fromour employers, Manit Singh and Manjit Jandu, makes us the professional, successful organisation that we are.

Patricia Hurr

I like working with One Immigration because of the people I work with and because of our customers.  They are mainly industrious and uplifting people who come from all parts of the world and are different nationalities.  Generally they are a pleasure to work for and we tend to build long term customer relations with our clients as most of work comes via recommendations.

I also enjoy the creativity of immigration lawyers whom I believe to be the best in the country, they have been utilising international conventions such as the European Convention of Human Rights well before it was introduced into English law  by the Human Rights Act 1998.  Despite successive government onslaughts upon the entitlements of persons to come and live here, work, visit and study  here – immigration lawyers manage victories against the government who then change the immigration rules to governments favour.  This aspect and the unfair media coverage in relation to the immigration issue can lead to despair at times but our customers then give us the lift and motivation to try and succeed in their matters.

The ever complex legislation, guidance, policies and case law- for example see the guidance on the points based system means that we are always in a learning situation.

I enjoy training and the drive for One Immigration to be the best it can for providing immigration and nationality advice to serve our customers.

Manjit Singh

I worked in this field for 10 years

I work with fantastic team of friendly and professional people. And every client is different…., I get to see cultures and languages from around the world….!!!

In my work I find it challenging, exciting and interesting and I am learning about Immigration, Nationality and the world everyday

Thank you



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