We have received a statement from the Home Office in respect of a recent application we submitted in-country stating that UKVI is changing the way it processes applications in response to COVID-19. Their new way of working involves reusing biometrics (fingerprints), that have been recorded in a previous application as part of the process to verify an applicant’s identity.

The email goes on to say they have identified our client as being eligible for this new approach involving biometric reuse.

This means that our client will not need to attend appointment at a UKVCAS Service Point. UKVI say they are developing a new way to submit a facial image and once this is launched, our client will have to submit a facial image as part of the identification and verification process.

The email goes on to say they will be in touch with us in the next few weeks with details of the new approach and confirm next steps.


One Immigration Ltd

30th July 2020

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