Changes To Immigration Appeals

For the first time since the introduction of Immigration Appeal’s in 1969 the Government will be charging for Immigration Appeals in the First-tier Tribunal. This appears to be in line with successive Government measures in firstly, introducing fee’s for in country applications. The fee’s are modest but history shows that the Government may attempt to eventually make a profit on appeals. Some of the fee’s for applications to settle are based on making a profit.

The fee’s have been set out at the following levels:

  • £80 for a written (paper) appeal
  • £140 for a oral hearing

There are some categories of appeals which are fee exempt.

For the first time the Tribunal can award the cost of the appeal fee to a successful appellant against UKBA. These measures apply to decisions dated 19th December 2011 or later.

Also from 19th December 2011 all refusals from that date will need to be lodged at the First-tier Tribunal in Leicester.

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